bed time fun

Cade is at SWAG tonight, so Moo and I were left on our own to sort out dinner, bath and bed. Usually this runs very smoothly and she is asleep as soon as she gets into bed. I thought that tonight was going to be the same, so I sat down and ate my dinner and then started to do some cleaning up. It was then I heard the laughs and screams coming from her room. I opened her door up and there she was standing and bouncing up and down in her cot thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. I settled her down and left the room, 10 minutes later the same thing was happening.

Its so hard not to laugh at her when she is clearly having such a fantastic time, so I had to lay her back down and leave the room very quickly. She is still in there bouncing away, Im not sure of the appeal of it – but she seems to be enjoying herself.

photos (or lack of)

Due to the fact that our digital camera is having a break from us, we have no new photos to put up at the moment.
We are all well and good. Maisie is pushing anything and everything around the house to help her to walk. The kitchen chairs usually end up in the strangest places. She was even pushing her pram around on the deck at Church last sunday – entertainment for the whole family.
We have a busy few weeks ahead of us – 2 weekends of swag camps, a trip to Port Macquarie to meet Eliana, PY Winter Camp and that about takes us through to July… Lucky that Baby Whitbourn #2 isnt due until the end of July..


today for some reason i have started to feel very pregnant. i think its because hardly any of my clothes fit, my bump has grown and i ache all over from carrying miss maisie around.
its weird that you get to a stage where you”realise” that you are pregnant. maybe i have just been blocking it out, but now that the countdown till d day is only 11 weeks, it feels like this pregnancy has gone a lot faster than with miss maisie.
still no names – at this stage its baby whitbourn #2, so hopefully we will come up with something soonish.


This website will have some changes slowly made to it in the next couple of months. It will no longer be “” as we extend our family to four and do not have time to update 4 different sites. There will be a name change, possibly something familyish. There may be a re design if Cade has the time and energy. Who knows where we will go from here.
I for one didn’t think it ever possible for me to be “blogging” on a website on a regular basis. Although I must admit that it is a very easy way to keep in contact with family and friends in one very quick and easy process. Many people were amazed at the photos and movies that we had up of Maisie so quickly after she was born, but because not everyone would make it the hospital to see her, we found that a great way of sharing our beautiful baby with the world. I am not sure how we will go with baby whitbourn #2, hopefully we will still have the energy to take thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video.
Maisie has had a busy few days finding the kitchen pantry cupboards to explore. Her main aim in the kitchen used to be getting the to microwave to explore the buttons that made noises and the clicking of the door button, but she has now found that she can stand at the lower part of the pantry and hold on to both doors whilst balancing her weight (9.35kilos) and opening and shutting them one at a time. She also discovered some baby rusks that were in there from before she was eating solids and loves getting them in and out of the boxes and trying to take the plastic wrapping off. She spent 1/2 an hour today sitting then standing and getting in and out of there that I am thinking that a big box with doors on it might be the perfect birthday present for her. Cheap, easy and also hours of fun.

House Party

No, this is not a party at our house, nor a party at anyone elses house, but the preparation weekend for the leaders for PY’s Winter Camp that will be held on the June long weekend. We just got back from an overnight stay at The Tops Conference Centre which is where Winter Camp will be held. Maisie had a great weekend, hanging out with all the other kids and playing outside. The only sad thing is that now she has about 10 mozzie bites on her head and face, due to a little friend entering our room and attacking her whilst she slept. They dont seem to bother her much, but look very red and sore.
In other news, Baby Whitbourn #2 is coming along nicely. 11 weeks to go now. I have to teach Maisie “gentle” and “quietly” in those 11 weeks, so its going to be interesting times ahead…
Also – Happy Mothers Day to our wonderful Mums. We love you both and wish that we could have been at home to see you both, but you will have to settle for a phone call later on tonight!